LOreal Professionel Paris Xtenso Care Straight Conditioner\Mask

I bought this jar of conditioner with my LOreal xtenso Care Shampoo from the same line.

Reviewing LOreal Professionel Paris
X-tenso Care Straight (pro-keratine + incells) Conditioner

I am using this product for almost a year now.
This conditioner is specially for those who have undergone LOreal xtenso hair treatment at the salon.

The Product:

What the product promises to do :

  • helps in maintaining straightened \salon treated hair
  • protects straightened hair from breaking
  • keeps hair moisturized 
  • deeply nourishes
  • controls volume      


Product's Consistency :

One of the thickest conditioner\hair mask i have used. Does not drip at all after application.

Application\How to use:

I scoop out a good amount of this conditioner with my fingers and apply it from length to tip on my towel dried hair.
I do not touch the scalp because that may cause or aggregate dandruff. Keep the conditioner on for 4-5 mins and rinse it off thoroughly.

Packaging :

I like this product's packaging because it comes in a wide mouthed jar which makes it very easy to use because the consistency is so thick,it would be impossible to squeeze or pump it out of any other container.
Its pearl white color and grayish silver cap looks quite classy.

Pricing :

200ml - 600/- (lasts for 1-2months or more if you condition your hair once a week)
I find this very expensive but the product is quite worth the price.


I bought this product along with my loreal xtenso care shampoo from the same range and I will have to say that its not very easily available because i went to 3 different beauty supply stores to get this product and all the 3 stores said this product is out of stock...i finally got it at a wholesale+retail beauty supply store at Crawford,Mumbai. To know where you will find these wholesale + retail stores in Mumbai Contact me

 My Take On LOreal Paris Professionnel X-tenso Care Conditioner:  

Just like my Loreal Paris X-tenso Care Shampoo ,this product really did work for me.Every time i condition my hair,it looks shinier,smoother,softer and perfect in every way! Every time i get my hair straightened or rebonded, it feels super dry and damaged but this product worked wonders on my newly rebonded hair(i get my hair rebonded every once in 8-9 months). This conditioner helps my hair maintain its straightness without making it look pin straight giving it bounce and controlling the volume of my hair(i have ridiculously thick and dense hair). I condition my hair twice a week with this product after shampooing it with a shampoo from the same range which is an equally amazing product.A major con that this product has is that it leaves a lot of residue after wash which causes dandruff and itchy scalp. I am not sure if you will have the same problem with this conditioner, may be its just me,maybe it doesn't suit my scalp or something. I am using this product anyway :) 

To get rid of all the residue this product leaves on my scalp i use a clarifying shampoo once a week.

  •  maintains the straightness and effect of salon treated hair(straightened or rebonded hair) 
  • turns hair from dull to super shiny
  • repairs damage to some extent 
  • softens rough hair
  • gives amazing results when used the shampoo from the same range. 
  Cons :
  • causes dandruff and itchy scalp
  • weighs down my hair a bit after drying 
  • lack of availability in the market and salons (Mumbai) 

 Would I Recommend It ?

Yes! I love this product and would recommend it to all those with salon treated hair.
 But if you have fizzy and super dry hair, give this product a try....it may work but it will definately not ruin your hair!!

 Rating :
Performance -4/5  
Packaging - 5/5
Overall - 4.5/5

Enjoy :)  

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