LOreal Professionnel Paris X-tenso Care STRAIGHT Shampoo Review.

I am back with another product review.
Its LOreal Paris Professionnel line product again. 

 Reviewing LOreal Paris Professionnel  X-tenso Care(nutri-reconstructor) Straight, Pro-Karetine + Incell Shampoo

I have been using this shampoo for 3 months now.
This shampoo is specially for hair that has undergone LOreal's X-tenso treatment 
at the salon.

The  Product: 

  What the product promises to do: 

  • smooothens fizzy hair
  • protects straightened hair from breaking
  • keeps hair moisturized 
  • deeply nourishes
  • controls volume      


   Ingredients :




  Product's Consistency :

Not too thick.Lathers easily.

Application / How to use :

Apply a good amount on scalp and hair. Emulsify. Rinse thoroughly.

Packaging :
  • I love the packaging
  • Long,Sleek bottle
  • Nice pearl white color with grayish silver cap
  • Flip open cap which is easy to use.
Pricing :

230ml - 499/- (lasts for 1-2months or more if you shampoo your hair 
once a week)

There are no other quantities available in mumbai as far as i know.

 This product is so totally worth the price unlike the other LOreal products.

 Availability :

 I would say its not very easily available because i went to 3 different beauty supply
 stores to get this product and all the 3 stores said this product is out 
of stock...i finally got it at a wholesale+retail beauty supply store at Crawford,Mumbai.
 To know where you will find these wholesale + retail stores in Mumbai  Contact me

My Take On LOreal Paris Professionnel X-tenso Care Shampoo:                                                       

My rebonded hair is so completely in love with this product !! It made my hair shinier,smoother,softer and perfect in every way! Every time i got my hair straightened or rebonded, it felt super dry and damaged but this product worked wonder on my newly rebonded hair(i get my hair rebonded every once in 8-9 months). This shampoo helps my hair maintain its straightness without making it look pin straight giving it bounce and controlling the volume of my hair(i have ridiculously thick and dense hair). I wash my hair twice a week this product and follow it with the same range of mask/conditioner which is an equally amazing product.

  Pros :
  •  maintains the straightness and effect of salon treated hair(straightened or rebonded hair) 
  • turns hair from dull to super shiny
  • softens salon treated rough hair
  • lather very easily
  • not too expensive since one 230ml(499/-) bottle lasts for 1-2 months for me, even though i shampoo my hair twice a week.
  • gives amazing results even without the same range mask/conditioner. 

 Cons :
  • weighs down my hair a bit after drying 
  • lack of availability in the market and salons (Mumbai) 
  • works only on straightened or rebonded hair (*may work on natural fizzy and dry hair)

 Would I Recommend It ?

Yes! I love this product and would recommend it to all those with salon treated hair.
 But if you fizzy and super dry hair, give this product a try....it may work but it will definately not ruin your hair!!

 Rating :

Performance - 5/5  
 Packaging - 5/5  
Overall - 5/5

Enjoy :)