LOreal Professional Liss Ultime Conditioner

Here's another product from Loreal Paris Professional series.
This Product gives best results when used with
 LOreal Professional Liss Ultime shampoo .

Reviewing  LOreal Paris Professional Liss Ultime Oil 
Incell Conditioner. 

I have used this product for about 2 years when i first got my hair permanently 
straightened at the salon.I bought this conditioner along with  
LOreal Professional Liss Ultime shampoo 
I used this to maintain my salon treated hair.

The Product : 

 What the product promises to do:

  • Smoothens unmanageable hair.
  • Norishes
  • Controls fizz
  • Protects hair from humidity 
  • Gives Shine

 Ingredients :




 Product's Consistency :

Thick( very thick compared to local brand conditioners)  and Smooth.

Application / How to use :

Apply a good amount on towel dried hair. Leave it on for 3-4 mins and rinse 

 Packaging :

  •  looks average
  • nice light purple color
  • easy to scoop out the conditioner since its in a jar and not in a bottle or tube.

Pricing :

 200 g  -  600/-  (lasts for more then a month or even 2 months if you condition
 your hair once a week).
500g -  2500/- (approx.)

1000g -  4550/- (approx.)

600 rs a month is too expensive !!


 Availability :

The 200 g pack is easily available at any beauty supply store or even 
at some drug stores.
The 500g and 1000g packs are available at wholesale + retail 
beauty supply stores.
 To know where you will find these wholesale + retail stores in Mumbai  Contact me   

My Take On LOreal Paris Professional Liss Ultime Conditioner/Masque :

 I really loved this conditioner because it made my hair more manageable a
nd smoothened fizzy ends. It helped me to maintain my straightened hair.
 I used it once or sometimes twice a week after shampooing my hair with
 liss ultime shampoo. What i love about this product is its smell and consistancy.
 its got a slight fruity frangrance and the consistency is pretty thick and smooth 
which helps it to stay in the hair and not drip off like other conditioners
I always squeeze dried my hair with a towel after shampooing to remove excess 

water until my hair felt damp and applied the creamy conditioner evenly from 
the mid to the tips of my hair( I usually apply a second coat of 
conditioner on the tips
cause i have very rough and dry tips).
Do Not go anywhere close to the scalp cause it will create/aggravate 

dandruff(you dont condition the scalp,only the hair). Keep it on for about 
4-5 mins and rinse it off with plenty of water. Wash out the conditioner completely.
 I let my hair dry naturally
if im not in a hurry to go out and there you have fizz free, shiny hair !!!

 Pros :
  •  smoothens fizzy hair
  •  gives shine to your hair
  • makes hair softer
  •  has lovely fragrance
  •  protects from humidity for a long time

Cons : 
  •  causes dandruff if not washed thoroughly 
  • too expensive
  • mostly suitable for processed hair (straightened/rebonded)

Would I Recommend It ?

     Yes !! I will recommend it only to those with straightened or rebonded 
hair because i am not sure if it will work on normal hair   
People with processed hair will love this product !  

Rating :

 Performance - 4.5/5  
Packaging - 4/5  
Overall - 4.5/5

Enjoy :)