Loreal liss ultime shampoo review

This is my first product review for you guys and im so excited! :)
All my reviews are 100 % genuine and you can relay on them.

Reviewing LOreal Paris Professional Liss Ultime Oil Incell Shampoo.

I have used this product for about 2 years when i first got my hair permanently straightened 
at the salon.
The salon guy recommended it to me and it did work wonders for my hair, you just have to use
 it the right way.
Even though i dont use this product anymore ( I stopped using it 6-7 months ago) but my mom 
(mom has straightened hair) is still using this product. She tried using this shampoo when i first 
got it after home after my hair treatment and she liked it so much that she is still using this 
along with LOreal Paris Professional Liss Ultime conditioner.

The Product :

What the product promises to do:

  • Tames fizzy hair
  • Nourishes
  • Smoothens unmanageable hair 
  • Protects hair from humidity

Ingredients : 




Product's Consistency :

Pretty thick and not watery at all !

Application / How to use :

Apply a good amount on completely wet scalp and hair. Lather it by rubbing and wash off 
all the shampoo thoroughly with plenty of water.

Packaging :

  • looks decent
  • nice light purple or violet (i dont really knoe the difference lol) color.
  • easy to use flip open cap 
i miss the pump though...the 500 ml and 1000 ml come with the pump attached but not the
100 and 250 ml ones.Sad !!

Pricing :

100 ml (trial pack) - 200/-

250 ml - 425/-  480/-  (lasts for nearly a month)

500 ml - 1550/-

1000 ml - 3500/- (approx.)

Quite expensive!

Availability :

I am not sure if you will find the 100 ml one easily because most of the beauty supply stores 
dont keep the trial pack...i was lucky to find it at my local beauty supply store.

The 250,500 and the 1000 ml bottles are easily available at any beauty supply store or evn at 
some drug stores.

My Take On LOreal Paris Professional Liss Ultime Shampoo :

OK ! Honestly, I will not recommend this product to people with natural hair, and by natural hair 
i mean unprocessed hair ( hair that has not undergone any long term salon treatments like 
straightening, rebonding etc.) because this shampoo may make your hair super dry and im not
 sure if it will give you the desired result. But for all those who have processed hair with fizzy,
damaged ends or dry hair, this is the right product for you. It did make my straightened hair 
more manageable, super shiny, dint let my hair go all crazy in heatly places like where 
i live(Mumbai), 
thus protecting it from humidity. It dint make my hair soft though :( !!

My experience with this shampoo was really good. It does not lather much so what i did was ...
I wet my hair completely  and rubbed the a good amount of shampoo on my scalp and hair to 
\form lather and yes all those rumours about this shampoo creating/aggravating dandy is true.
This product leaves alot of its residue on the scalp after washing but that only happens if you 
dont wash your scalp thoroughly(as mentioned on the packaging  under direction. ), so make
 sure you wash it off completely with plenty of water.

Pros :
  • controls fizz 
  • protects from humidity 
  • makes the hair super shiny

Cons :
  • leaves residue causing dandruff if not washed off well
  • not recommendable for natural/unprocessed hair
  • too expensive

Would I Recommend It ?

Well YES but only for those with straightened or rebonded hair !!
Not for normal/natural/unprocessed hair (whatever u wanna call it) !!

Rating :

Performance - 4/5
Packaging - 4/5
Overall - 4/5

Enjoy ;) 


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