Salicylic Or Glycolic Acid?

 Two most effective ingredients in almost all acne products are Glycolic acid and 
Salicylic acid.
However, which one is better ?

Glycolic acid is an Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) also known as a fruit acid. It comes from
sugar cane juice. Glycolic acid is considered by the medical community to be the work horse

of AHA’s, and the most effective for skin rejuvenation. It is water soluble and because
it has the smallest molecular size of all the AHA’s, glycolic ccid will penetrate into the
skin better than all the others. It's great for exfoliating dead skin cells, refining pores,
and stimulating fresh new skin cells to come to the surface. It also helps lighten pigmentation
 and age spots. Glycolic acid is suited for all skin types that include dry/sensitive,
normal/combination, or oily/acne prone as well as aging, sun-damaged skin

Salicylic acid is a Beta hydroxy acid derived from willow bark. Beta hydroxy acid (BHA)
is a mild acid and has a slightly different chemical structure.This structure is used in95%
of the over-the counter products for acne.Salicylic acid is a little more drying and works best
on oily or acne prone skin.Salicylic acid molecular structutre is large and cannot penetrate
deep in the cells and therefore cannot stimulate action in the dermis (lower layer of skin) to
produce collagen and elastin.Although good for acne becuase it will clean a pore out,Salicylic acid
does not have the same rejuvenating effects of Glycolic acid. It is not recommended
for dry, sensitive or normal skin types.

I personally prefer salicylic acid when it comes to treating my acne and acne scars because it
works very quickly while glycolic acid takes time to treat acne. However, salicylic based
products are so strong for sensitive skin like mine that it makes my skin super dry and flaky
if used for more then a couple of weeks subsequently. Glycolic acid is comparatively gentler
and more suitable for sensitive and oily skin.

I would recommend Glycolic acid based products for girls and guys with sensitive acne prone
skin and ones with normal acne prone skin can use Salicylic acid based products,it works

All the Best :)