Trend Alert ! Neon Everything.

We all know that fashion trends are never constant. It keeps changing and adapting !!
This season, EVERYTHING is neon. From shoes to clothes to jewelry and even tech accessories, the in thing is neon, the brighter the better.
Neon is vibrate and can be adorned in any item of your resemble. Citron yellow, lime green and hot pink seem to be everywhere this season. However, carrying a full-on neon look can be quite risky and you might even end up looking like a fashion disaster. Wearing neon with neural colors is one of the best ways to create a bold but still relatively tame look!

 Neon is added in Sarees too. Check out how the bollywood divas have embraced this trend

Neon sarees balanced with neutral colors

Contrast : Some of the best colors that can create a fantastic contrast with neon are black,white and dark nude, adding some sparkle to your neon outfit will always work.

Add some fun accessories to complete the chic look

Color Blocking : Its basically wearing multiple vibrant colors together.
 Try to keep the colors solid and avoid prints, a darker shade of neon like neon blue with lighter shades like citron green\yellow which is brightly hued for a bold, yet chic look.


Dare to Wear : Some fantastic color blocking ideas for men to add spark to your boring outfits. 

Neon Palette 

Don't have neon in your wardrobe yet, add some now and express the fun side of you!!!